Retro Driver and Software Downloads

Retro computer enthusiasts from around the internet contributed these files for us to share with you. I added files myself and put a lot of work into organizing them. Feel free to download what you need. 

Download Categories:

Drivers – Computers (Motherboard drivers, Computer Restore CDs, etc)

Drivers – Hardware (Drivers for things that connect to computers)

PDA Software (Software and Drivers for Personal Digital Assistant)

Internet Utilities (Internet Service Disks, Web Browser CDs, etc)

System Utilities (Antivirus, Utilities, Misc Programs)

Many more to come….

List of other websites to get retro software: (Contributed by people on Facebook) HP is still running the old Compaq Softpaq FTP server, had ALL of the back catalog of downloads, something to the tune of 4TB. a lot of old drivers  (its russian site but google translate helps)
total dos collection (40GB of dos games by year) – Is this a Torrent?

Website hosts: Please link to this page or the item pages, NOT DIRECTLY TO THE DOWNLOADS! Thank you!

Copyright owners: Please submit a request for us to remove your content. We do not condone piracy, we only want to provide missing media to people that own it and do not have access due to broken CDs, damaged CDs, etc. We will gladly remove files on request.

Gateway LT20 – KAV60 Recovery DVDs

Gateway LT20 / KAV60 Recovery DVD 1 of 2 and 2 of 2

Download DVD 1

(ISO 3.9GB)

Download DVD 2

(ISO 3.3GB)

Gateway LT20 / KAV60 Drivers and Applications

Download Drivers and Applications DVD

(ISO 779MB)

These were the DVDs I created from the system restore / Burn restore DVDs feature built into the computer. I am sure most people did not burn these or have access to the restore anymore. I am providing these to help you out!