My Oldest Computer – Kaypro 2

I got my Kaypro 2 out of storage last week and gave it a test run. Check out the oldest computer in my collection:

This is known as a “Luggable” computer. It has a handle on the back of the computer to lift and carry it. This computer runs the CP/M Operating system. Its before DOS but uses similar commands. This computer came out in 1982. Continue reading “My Oldest Computer – Kaypro 2”

My Big Box PC Game Collection

I wanted to share my Big Box PC Games with everyone.
I have just under 70 right now and quite a few of them are sealed!

Sealed games include: Half-Life, Fallout 2, King’s Quest: Mask of Eternity, Lords: Royal Collection, Lords of the Realm II, Lo Wang is Shadow Warrior, Men in Black: The Game, Redneck Rampage: Rides Again, SkateBoard Park Tycoon, Star Craft, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2, Total Annihilation, Where in the WORLD is Carmen Sandiego?, AND SEVERAL MORE!

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My new 486 Computer

I just got this 486 computer today for $5.99! I do not know much about it so far.
-Video Card: Trident TGUI9400CX1 from 1993
-I can see one 72 pin simm. The motherboard also accepts 30 pin simms.
-It has a Modem, Video card, and Hard drive / Serial card.
-There is no sound card and no hard drive.

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Road Rash – with a blank cd!

I purcahsed this copy of Road Rash today for the PS1.

I think this may be a copy before the game was released. This may be a developer copy? This game has some of the art work that the released game has, but is missing the playstation logo on the front cover, and the CD art is blank! (But there is a Hologram on the cd “Road Rash”)

I tried to research this but found nothing. Can anyone please shed some light onto what this is exactly?

Rare ps1 developer copy of Road Rash
Front cover missing Playstation

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