My favorite Gaming YouTube Channels

Here is a list of my favorite Gaming YouTubers:
(Not in any specific order)
LGR Lazy Game Reviews
Reviews old games and hardware

Gameplay and top game lists. Lots of Guests on his channel.

Nostalgia Nerd
Old games and computers.

Reviews mostly Nintendo games, also has full N64 set.

Has massive Game collection – Started his own Game Store!

John Hancock
Huge game collection, Wants to open a museum. Full sets of multiple consoles.

Last Gamer
Worlds Biggest game collection – Own arcade at home

Radical Reggie
Reviews old games and talks about them.

Gaming News/Reviews:

Game news and reviews of the newest games.

Game news on new games

Game hardware and game news

Smash JT
Talking about the latest game news and stories

Dex The Swede
Wacky Humor game reviews

Covers general games, Unboxing, Making repro games, etc. Works at a radio station.

RGT 85
Covers the latest gaming news. Talks loud and exciting. lol

Has not uploaded in 1 year, was talking about gaming news.

Gaming History Source
Compare games between all consoles.

Top Hat Gaming Man
Covers lots of old consoles, consoles that flopped, etc.

Jake Baldino
Latest game news.

Game Sack
Talks about old games

My Life in Gaming
covers gaming hardware.

Gaming hardware and controllers.

Talks about games and memories.

Gaming History:

Gaming Historian
Very good at explaining game and hardware history.

Classic Gaming Quarterly
Gaming history and old game magazines.

Gaming news and history

Game hardware and history

Wrestling With Gaming
History of older consoles and games

Lots of documentary style videos on old gaming companies.

Kelsey Lewin
History of old RARE gaming hardware.

Larry Bundy Jr
History of old games and Kickstarter fails.

Daniel Ibbertson
History of old games and Kickstarter fails.

Stop Skeletons From Fighting
History of old games and hardware

Cinemassacre Angry Video Game Nerd
Game views of bad games. Funny skits.

Game Collecting and Pickups:

Lots of yard sale pickup videos. How does he find these things!!!

Talks about games and shows pickups

Kinsey Burke
Unboxing and pickup videos

Covers REALLY RARE hardware and prototype games

shows some of the cheaper games for the new consoles. – Lost all his games to a fire.

Game console Modding:

Modern Vintage Gamer
Talks about modding, hacking, emulators on consoles, etc.

Soldering in mods into consoles.

Talks about all different mods to consoles.

Game programming, Software hacks/tricks

Game Easter Eggs, Secrets and Glitches:

The Easter Egg Hunter
Shows easter eggs in all types of games new and old.

A+Start (Son of a Glitch)
Shows glitches in games.

Shows content hidden in games, unused characters, art, levels, etc.

Summoning Salt
World record Progression on games

Shows easter eggs in games.

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