Retro Driver and Software Downloads

Retro computer enthusiasts from around the internet contributed these files for us to share with you. I added files myself and put a lot of work into organizing them. Feel free to download what you need. 

Download Categories:

Drivers – Computers (Motherboard drivers, Computer Restore CDs, etc)

Drivers – Hardware (Drivers for things that connect to computers)

PDA Software (Software and Drivers for Personal Digital Assistant)

Internet Utilities (Internet Service Disks, Web Browser CDs, etc)

System Utilities (Antivirus, Utilities, Misc Programs)

Many more to come….

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My Oldest Computer – Kaypro 2

I got my Kaypro 2 out of storage last week and gave it a test run. Check out the oldest computer in my collection:

This is known as a “Luggable” computer. It has a handle on the back of the computer to lift and carry it. This computer runs the CP/M Operating system. Its before DOS but uses similar commands. This computer came out in 1982. Continue reading “My Oldest Computer – Kaypro 2”